Responsible creation

Society is always changing. What has become obsolete gives way for growth and innovation. As we adapt to theses changes, we must learn from the process. The materials and resources we use today will not last forever and societies way of doing business must readjust to meet the needs of our time. That is why NYAB takes seriously our responsibility to deliver environmentally sustainable and high quality projects all the while providing an excellent work environment. Everyday, we work to raise our standards even further.

Our industry can build a better society

By contributing to industry development we can help build a clean future. It is why we are always testing our best practices and striving to find new ways of doing business. While at the same time we are stringent on maintaining the standards of our well evaluated routines, that have led to such high results.

Good people make a good company

NYAB aims to provide our employees with a good and fulfilling work environment. We believe in having an open dialogue with all of our colleagues and assisting with individuals personal development.

We believe our diversity of both people and ideas, as well as our emphasis on personal development, naturally lead us to better project outcomes, and in the end higher profitability.

Environmental sustainability

Our focus is on both sustainability the long term impacts of our decisions. That is why not only do we comply with all current environmental legislation and requirements but we choose to exceed those requirements. We are constantly working to minimise any negative impact on the environment, yet we know that we need must do more.