NYAB contracted for projects in Stockholm and Umeå


Stockholm Water and Waste is Sweden’s leading water and waste company. The business is just over 160 years old and affects 1.5 million inhabitants and all companies in the Stockholm area on a daily basis. The business is a prerequisite for a large city in constant motion, and the infrastructure enables the region’s growth. NYAB has now been contracted to build three technology buildings for new switchgear at Lovö Vattenverk to a value in excess of SEK 100 million.

Umeå Hamn AB is a municipal company that owns and manages the port’s facilities. Quays, railway tracks and cranes. NYAB has been contracted to carry out and build the “storage area Kilen” within the port of Umeå.

The work at Lovö Vattenverk includes excavation and earthworks, concrete castings and piling. As well as construction of three complete buildings. Building 1 in concrete: approximately 1,100 m² on two floors and a basement. Construction of building 2 in concrete: approximately 1,100 m² in two floors and basement. Construction of building 3 in concrete: approximately 1,100 m² in a floor with attic and basement. Completion and handover of the facility to Stockholm Water and Waste will take place in the early summer of 2023.

Umeå Hamn AB’s assignment changed fundamentally with the formation of Kvarkenhamnar AB. That company was formed and is owned together with Finnish Vaasa. 13,000 m2 of storage space is now being built, of which about 4,300 m2 is asphalt-covered. VA work is also included in the project.

– “Another major project with volumes over several financial years. Offers good opportunities for our continued development. The project itself contains many interesting parts and challenges. We are humbled by the trust we have received and will deliver a good project and a good contract together with SVOA”, says Johan Skoog, CEO of NYAB Mälardalen.

– “Two fine contracts signed. The infrastructure for clean water and for passenger and freight traffic between the neighboring countries Finland and Sweden is being developed. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the development of society by carrying out this type of project”, says Magnus Granljung, Chief Operating Officer of NYAB.