Kaukanen wind park in Kannus

NYAB as the main contractor of Kaukanen Wind Park project

Site: Kaukanen wind park, Kannus
Customer: Tuulikaarron Voima Oy
Project began: October 2021
Project completed: October 2022

The construction and ejecting of the wind park of Puhuri Oy’s sister company Tuulikaarron Voima Oy was completed in October 2022, and the park was put into commercial use in early 2023. The Kaukasen wind park consists of eight Vestas V162 power plants, and the total power of the park is 45 MW.

NYAB’s (previously Skarta Finland Oy) work covered all of the wind park’s earthworks and foundation work for the wind turbines, as well as the underground cabling inside the park, excluding the substation and the transmission line of 110 kilovolts, which were built by Tuulikaarron Voima in separate contracts.


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Wind power construction, Finland

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