Project development

We operate on a holistic basis, with expertise across the entire value chain. This includes identifying areas of work, procurement, engineering, project implementation and energy sales.

Our strengths lie in our impeccable value chain: we understand the big picture and cooperate effortlessly with industry professionals. Planning and execution go hand in hand with each supporting the other. Utilising our engineers expertise and understanding of project implementation, we have developed the most efficient methods for optimising our projects.

We understand that planning, development, and engineering  must align and that is why we have centralised these areas of work around project development. Our energetic team serves both our partners’ and customers’ projects for a cleaner future. Currently, our project development concentrates on projects related to renewable energy, energy storage and preparing for future hydrogen projects. The starting point of our project development are assessing the individual characteristics of the project and analysing the opportunities within each area.

Our internally developed Near Energy concept is the fruit of our work in project development. Our customer base, municipalities and big industrial enterprises have  embraced the concept with open arms.

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