Project development

NYAB owns 40 percent of a joint venture that has been established with CapMan Nordic Infrastructure II fund. Skarta Energy Oy operates under the joint venture and has a fast-growing renewable energy project development portfolio. Skarta Energy’s project development is concentrated on solar projects that can be complemented with wind power and hydrogen solutions. Skarta Energy is developing some of the largest solar power projects in Finland, such as in Utajärvi where a disused peat bog spanning over 100 hectares is the sight of a new project. As well as Utajärvi there are also projects in the old mining districts of Hitura and Pyhäsalmi in Northern Ostrobothnia.

Skarta Energy has also designed the pioneering Near Energy concept for municipalities, cities and industry – the goal of which is to make carbon-neutral local electricity a reality. The Near Energy concept is based on cooperating with our customers in order to respond to the opportunities created by the shift in the energy market by offering locally produced electricity. In practice, Near Energy means competitively priced electricity produced with wind and/or solar power for local operators. For our clients, Near Energy offers locally produced, affordable energy while promoting their image and competitive strength. Near Energy also increases local competence and demand, establishes construction and maintenance jobs, as well as building a positive environment and injecting vitality to local communities.

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