Electricity transmission network project development

Skarta’s renewable energy project development considers each project in a holistic manner, with all the steps from engineering to the entire implementation process and from the preliminary survey to the connection of the solar farms and wind parks to the electricity transmission network.

The project development of electricity transmission networks is an integral part of the entire process. For example, it accounts for the permits of land and the electricity transmission network needed to connect the solar farm, wind park or a combination thereof to the electricity transmission network upon its completion. Skarta’s power network construction business unit helps in this work by cooperating seamlessly with the electricity transmission network project development already in the engineering phase and also by handling the practical implementation, i.e., doing the electrical work both internally at the energy stations and when connecting the stations to the national electricity transmission network.

We carry out electricity transmission network project development and work on related permits and development with our customers and partners in connection with clean energy development projects. In addition, we perform electricity transmission network project development by commission as customer engineering projects, for example, for wind park operators.


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