Skarta renovates over 70 bridges in half a year


This year is no exception, as Skarta has been hard at work on the northern roads in the autumn – and especially on the bridges. The bridge maintenance contract with Lapland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment covers more than 40 bridges along 600 kilometres of road between Simo and Nuorgam. There were over 30 other bridge projects for the summer and autumn as well.


Skarta’s operations are based on strong specialised construction competence, which is utilised in, for example, bridge projects – both in the construction of new bridges and the renovation of old ones.


More than 70 repair construction bridge projects have been scheduled for this year. These have taken place in South Ostrobothnia, North Ostrobothnia, Kainuu and Lapland. The repair construction projects are based on five contract agreements, whose total value is approximately EUR 3 million. The first construction sites were set up at the end of April, and the last ones will finish at the end of November, so the pace is a fast one, at two or three bridges per week.


Bridge maintenance project in Lapland 2022, client Lapland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment


For the fourth consecutive year, Skarta won the tendering for an extensive bridge contract in Lapland. The bridges are located between Simo and Nuorgam, so the project runs through the entire Lapland region: located on the coast of the Bothnian Bay, Simo is the southernmost municipality in Lapland, and, located in the municipality of Utsjoki on the shores of Tenojoki river, Nuorgam is the northernmost village of both Finland and the EU. On this 600-kilometre road section, Skarta is renovating over 40 bridges. The bridge projects demand competence in specialised construction, organisation and scheduling:


“The project runs along the entire length of the Lapland region, and all the work is done during the summer and autumn. We started around Rovaniemi at the end of April. We are progressing in order of urgency and are pacing the work according to how busy the roads are and what the weather conditions are like. At times, we need to work during the night, for example, in the vicinity of the city of Rovaniemi. The bridges were constructed in different decades, and some of them have wooden decks, some were built from concrete, so a diverse set of competencies is required,” says Antti Nissinen, Project Manager at Skarta Finland.


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Project Manager
Roads and bridges
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