Hydrogen project development

Hydrogen in its different forms plays a key role for the renewable energy solutions of the future. Hydrogen serves the energy market as, for example, a storage opportunity, industrial product and a product that meets the needs of logistics. Therefore, as a builder of a clean  future and as a construction sector operator, Skarta considers the extensive potential of hydrogen in the future in its renewable energy project development alongside solar and wind power – every one of our energy development projects holds opportunities for hydrogen.

We both engineer individual large-scale hydrogen projects and enable decentralised hydrogen projects of different sizes using our Near Energy concept. Near Energy represents the most cutting edge of energy production, with a focus on the future – as our Near Energy projects consider hydrogen as an energy form alongside solar and wind power, this allows the incorporation of hydrogen quickly and effectively as soon as the technology and market are ready.

Skarta develops the hydrogen economy and builds its customers a bridge to the hydrogen economy.


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