Collaboration contract

Aurora Line

Location: 90 km between Dockasberg and Risudden, Sweden
Client: Svenska Kraftnät and Fingrid
Project scope: Collaboration agreement with an estimated value of approximately 89 MEUR
Year of completion: 2025

The Aurora Line is a new 380-kilometer-long 400 kV power line between Sweden and Finland, jointly built by the transmission system operators Svenska Kraftnät and Fingrid. The Aurora Line aims to improve the electricity supply, equalize electricity prices between Finland and the other Nordic countries by increasing transmission capacity, and enable an increase in renewable energy production in the Baltic Sea region.

NYAB’s latest task in the major construction project involves the second phase of the project for the approximately 90-kilometer-long transmission connection between Dockasberg and Risudden in Sweden. NYAB began preparing for the construction of this stretch in December 2022. Previous agreements between the parties have focused on preparatory work, including critical procurement for construction.

Based on the indicative price agreed between the parties and other budgeted costs, this second part of the project is estimated to have a total value of approximately 89 million euros. NYAB offers its full expertise in the energy sector to the project, from technology to energy construction and further to earthworks services.