Anton Sandgren – Site Manager at NYAB


Anton Sandgren is one of our site managers at NYAB Infrastructure. He has long experience working in the construction industry and says two of the most important abilities to thrive are curiosity and wanting to learn more.


“NYAB’s NYAB’s main strength is our momentum and pride in our work. We are all heading in the same direction, which is forward.”


Hi Anton, can you tell us about your time here at NYAB?

I’ve been a part of the NYAB journey since 2018 and was involved in our first infrastructure project. But how I joined NYAB is pretty much a coincidence. In 2018, I lived in Gällivare and wanted to move down south. I was about to move to Stockholm when my current manager called and asked me to join their new company. I was immediately hooked, and instead of Stockholm, I moved to Kiruna, which is pretty much the opposite. But I have never regretted it!

I have always been allowed to continue developing and growing within the company. I didn’t have much experience when I started as a construction engineer. I thought I couldn’t become a site manager here. But thanks to my managers and colleagues, I became a site manager on similar projects three years later.


If you compare NYAB from when you first started to now, what’s the most significant difference?

The biggest difference is that we are a much larger company. As a co-worker, you have great opportunities to grow within NYAB in a way that is impossible at smaller companies. It has also resulted in many much-needed support functions, such as quality, environment, and work environment control.

Today, we have broad and specialized competence, meaning you can always ask for help and learn something new. We also dare to be innovative and use our collective ingenuity. Our biggest strength is our momentum and pride in our work – we are all heading in the same direction.


In your opinion, what are the most important qualities for thriving at NYAB?

I believe that the most important traits to thrive here are curiosity and wanting to learn more. But also taking responsibility for the work being carried out. Even though we continue to grow, it is an essential condition for a free way of working. If you do a good job here, you will get more opportunities and trust from the managers. So, always do your best!