Quality in every step

We work to the highest possible standard, both for our customers and for society at large. That is why our customers continue to place their trust in us.

Business operations in Finland are planned, evaluated, measured and improved as a part of the ISO system.

Business operations in Finland have the following certification:

  •  ISO 9001 – quality certification
  • ISO 14001 – environmental certification
  • ISO 45001 – occupational health and safety certification
  • NYAB also has a RALA certification.

Business operations in Sweden have the following certification:

  • NYAB holds a BKMA certification – a widely recognized certification system specific to the Swedish construction sector, which covers the same core principles as ISO certification.
  • NYAB Kiruna AB’s management system has an ISO certification.

Customer relations and delivery

Our business is built on long-lasting collaborations. Our focus is to consistently deliver the best possible service and product. This is why we maintain such positive relationships with our customers.

Co-workers and competence

Our employees are our most important resource. Competence development is a priority for NYAB and that is why we take seriously the allocation of appropriately trained and qualified staff for designated roles. We will always ensure that our customers requirements and expectations are met by pairing each project with our most suited NYAB personnel.

Management and evaluation

NYAB will always follow the laws and regulations within the countries in which we operate and always aim for best practice within our sector as a whole. Our management system and leadership development has been designed in order to maximise efficiency and customer satisfaction. We are continuously evaluating our own performance and are always looking for dynamic ways in which we can improve both our customers and our own business.