NYAB promotes responsible business methods and fosters an ethical way of acting. We take all illegal, unethical or any acts that go against our guidelines seriously. We encourage you to bring these to our attention every time there is a suspicion of misconduct.

It is crucial that NYAB’s employees, associates and other stakeholders  inform us of their concerns and suspicions regarding misconduct not in line with the organization’s guidelines. Therefore, primarily we encourage you to contact a supervisor in our organization. However, if this is not an option, you can report a concern via the whistleblowing reporting channel. You may leave your name and contact information during reporting, but we provide you with this opportunity to express your concern through this confidential channel anonymously. More information on the processing of personal data is available in the register and privacy policy of the channel.

The reporting channel is provided by an external, impartial service provider Lexia Attorneys Ltd, who is also responsible for the processing of reports together with Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. All reports are investigated confidentially and in accordance with specified procedures. Possible resulting steps are taken only after the investigation has been concluded. The information from the report or the investigation can only be accessed by the people who need it to complete the investigation.