Strategy and values


NYAB is building a clean future.


NYAB is a pioneer in clean energy solutions and a respected building partner for a carbon-neutral society in the Nordic countries.


NYAB has set the following strategic objectives for 2022-2024:

  1. Continuing profitable growth
  2. Accelerating the monetization of renewable energy projects
  3. Strengthening an entrepreneurial culture

More information on the objectives is available at NYAB’s Investor News published on 31 October 2022.

Values and culture

NYAB has a strong entrepreneurial soul.

Entrepreneurship is an attitude that guides us and helps us readjust ourselves in a fast-changing world, as well as to always offer the best solution for our customers. Hierarchy and bureaucracy do not live with us. Fast decision-making, strong drive, cost consciousness, and first and foremost, a shared vision to build a better society together. We want all our employees to feel like the company is their own.

NYAB is building a clean future. Environmentally sustainable decisions are important to us.


NYAB builds renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure. Building renewable energy helps us reduce climate footprint. Sustainable infrastructure enables people to move and live responsibly. Reducing society’s carbon footprint is made possible by everyday choices at construction sites and offices; optimization of processes, utilization of recycled materials and other sustainable choices, each of us can influence these.

Not separately, but together towards a common goal.


Efficiency and successful projects are the result of functioning teams with transparent goals, working methods and results. Therefore, we emphasize the attitude of a team player and cooperation skills. We work together with our customers, partners and employees to build a cleaner future. Our passion is to always strive for better. This is possible with cooperation.