Career stories

Good people make a good company

We believe every employee is encouraged to reach their full potential. Our diversity in terms of background and skill set help create an environment where individuals can develop and thrive.

Passion to be better

In order for our employees to reach their full potential we understand that they need to feel welcome and safe. We welcome an increasingly diverse working environment and aim to create a culture where each of our employees can thrive. Where there is trust within the team we achieve our best results.

Get to know some of our employees!

Meet Supervisor Enna Ruonala & Quality Manager Hanna-Kaisa Vesa

NYAB’s Supervisor Enna Ruonala and Quality Manager Hanna-Kaisa Vesa have much more in common than...

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Meet Patrik Nilsson – Business and Estimating Manager at NYAB Mälardalen

Patrik Nilsson has worked as Business and Calculation Manager at NYAB Mälardalen since May 2022....

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Meet Patrick Kraft – Site Manager at NYAB

Patrick Kraft is one of our site managers, and he has worked at NYAB Mälardalen...

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Olli-Pekka Purhonen

Meet Olli-Pekka Purhonen – Solar Power Construction Project Director

In August 2023, NYAB’s Construction team welcomed Olli-Pekka Purhonen as the Solar Power Construction Project...

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Meet Martin Wäppling – Work Manager at NYAB

Martin Wäppling is now in his third year at NYAB Mälardalen and looks forward to...

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Meet Karin Engfors – Site Manager at NYAB

Karin Engfors is site manager at NYAB and has been part of the company since...

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Pauli Lahti

Meet Pauli Lahti – Sales Manager at NYAB

Pauli Lahti, a power network engineer with diverse experience in the energy sector, joined NYAB...

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Meet Lina Lundqvist – Construction Engineer at NYAB

During her studies, Lina Lundqvist had her sights set on the mining industry. But a...

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Meet Göran Sandberg – Measurement Coordinator at NYAB

Göran Sandberg has extensive experience in the industry and the role of measurement technician. Today...

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Veli-Matti Kumpula

Meet Veli-Matti Kumpula – Site Manager at NYAB

Veli-Matti Kumpula stepped into larger shoes at the turn of the year when he took...

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Jenni Autio toimii NYABin työmaalla työnjohtajana

Traveling fuels interest in work

Many Monday mornings find Jenni Autio, the site manager at NYAB Finland Ltd., beginning her...

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Meet Fredrik Fällback – Site Manager at NYAB

Fredrik Fällback has been involved since the start of NYAB Mälardalen, and today, he is...

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Meet Victor Tanndal – Work Manager at NYAB

Victor Tanndal is a work manager at NYAB Mälardalen. He gets motivated by the opportunity...

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Meet Ronny Toma – Work Manager at NYAB

Ronny Toma began his career as a constructor and found his way to NYAB via...

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Anton Sandgren – Site Manager at NYAB

Anton Sandgren is one of our site managers at NYAB Infrastructure. He has long experience...

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Ensuring safety through cooperation

Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering, Minna Vartiainen came across the company...

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Matilda Stjärnström – QHES Manager, NYAB Sverige

Matilda Stjärnström has been working at NYAB since 2020, with a focus on quality, the...

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