We are building a cleaner future.

That future is one which prioritises sustainable infrastructure and clean water.

We have decades of experience working on infrastructure projects, including: roadworks, railways, bridges, walkways, bicycle paths and many more.

Our experience and expertise mean that we are particularly adept at organising and scheduling site work in order that traffic can continue as efficiently and safely as possible throughout any project. In addition to this we also improve exiting traffic routes.

We have decades of experience in waterworks projects; making us a sought-after and reliable partner. Our service offering includes, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, hydroelectric power plants and district cooling plants.

We have long-term perennial contracts to maintain  state and municipality infrastructure.

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NYAB receives order for power line construction worth SEK 122.1 million

NYAB has signed a contract for the construction of the new overhead lines from the...

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NYAB completes Ekerövägen, contract signed with Swedish Transport Administration worth 150-200 MSEK

NYAB Mälardalen has signed a contract with the Swedish Transport Administration regarding a project to...

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NYAB Södertälje

NYAB undertakes extensive water work in Södertälje Canal

NYAB has signed a contract with the Swedish Transport Administration to a value of SEK...

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Kalajoen Hiekkasärkkien liittymän alikulku

Infrastructure team working diligently in North Ostrobothnia

Finland boasts an extensive road network, the maintenance of which poses challenges due to economic...

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NYAB wins SEK 66 million contract at Arlanda for Swedavia

NYAB – a fast-growing infrastructure player with Sweden as its largest market, has entered into...

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SkartaNYAB has signed a comprehensive framework agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration

Translated SkartaNYAB Stock exchange release, dated 2022-06-09. Due to corporate language Finnish and English. NYAB...

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Skarta signs two contracts with LKAB for the execution of infrastructure projects

As the mining of iron ore goes down to deeper levels in the Kiruna mine,...

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NYAB wins customer trust

The NYAB Group has continued to have very good order intake in recent weeks. To...

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NYAB signs extensive agreement with Piteå municipality

NYAB Infrastructure has been entrusted with carrying out “Ongoing Land and Pavement Work” for Piteå...

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NYAB is awarded the “Operating area Överkalix & Övertorneå” by the Swedish Transport Administration

The contract relates to the performance of basic maintenance on public state roads within Överkalix...

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NYAB contracted for projects in Stockholm and Umeå

Stockholm Water and Waste is Sweden’s leading water and waste company. The business is just...

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NYAB is awarded an infrastructure contract worth 130 million for Huddinge municipality

Huddinge municipality has continued strong growth with a young population amounting to approximately 113,000 inhabitants....

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NYAB wins assignments in the Stockholm area

The growth journey in infrastructure and construction continues for the NYAB Group. NYAB has won...

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NYAB is building a new road and bridge for Skellefteå municipality

Bergsbyn’s industrial area in Skellefteå is growing, after which the municipality is developing the infrastructure...

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NYAB is awarded a bridge contract in Stockholm

NYAB has been awarded the contract “Execution of Rörbrobyte on no. 2-988-1 (100-1041-1)” by the...

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