About us

NYAB enables the progress of society for future generations with decades of experience in complex and challenging projects. We facilitate the green transition in the Nordics by providing engineering, construction, and maintenance services to public and private sector clients within renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.

NYAB assumed its current form in the spring of 2022 through the merger of the Finnish Skarta Group and the Swedish NYAB Group. NYAB is headquartered in Oulu and has over 380 employees located in various locations in Finland and Sweden.

NYAB in 2023


280 MEUR





Equity ratio


Our culture

Our culture has been one of the strongest factors in achieving success at every stage of our journey. We have a unique spirit of cooperation and agility, the result of decades of experience with complex infrastructure and clean energy projects, which gives us the necessary tools to build a better society.

We are down to earth but enjoy aiming high

We have our feet firmly on the ground, but also have good hearts and big dreams. We always move forward as a team. Challenging yourself is best done on the foundation of winning together.

We love the challenge

We’re never better than our latest project. To always evolve ourselves and our work is a key to success.

We take responsibility to create high efficiency and good results

We believe in each person’s capacity to create results from their own work, with a large degree of freedom. This requires good judgment that takes into account what’s best and most efficient for the entire organization.


Our values

At our core in our behaviour both as a company and as individuals are a set of strong foundations that we share and measure our actions towards. They give us a clear direction and identity.


NYAB has a strong entrepreneurial soul.

Entrepreneurship is a guiding attitude for us, helping us to adapt to a rapidly changing world and offer our customers the best possible solution every time. Entrepreneurship means a flat organisational structure, rapid decision making, a good drive, cost consciousness, and above all a shared desire to work together to build a better society.


NYAB is building a clean future. Environmentally sustainable decisions are important to us.

NYAB builds renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure. Building renewable energy helps us reduce climate footprint. Reducing society’s carbon footprint is made possible by everyday choices at construction sites and offices; optimization of processes, utilization of recycled materials and other sustainable choices, each of us can influence these.


Not separately, but together towards a common goal.

Efficiency and successful projects are the result of functioning teams with transparent goals, working methods and results. We work together with our customers, partners and employees to build a cleaner future. Our passion is to always strive for better.