Land improvement

We perform land improvement projects at all levels, whether it is as a total delivery partner or as a subcontractor. By working cooperatively we create the greatest value for our customers by finding the best possible engineering and construction solutions. Over the years, we have completed hundreds of projects and large-scale land improvement operations. With a continued focus on sustainability and long lasting quality, we make sure that our company continues to grow on a stable foundation.

We believe that the terms that will define the future are – sustainability and quality.

Our work


Construction of deposition pond for highly sulfuric material. Includes shaft and fill of 1,700,000m³ of…

NLC Storuman Stage 2 – Triangular tracks

Terracing for a new railroad between the terminal and the inland track. The work includes…

Unique protection against excavation by blasting in the style of Formula 1

LKAB is extracting ore in the open-pit mine in Svappavaara. At the time of the…