Sponsorship and community initiatives

We are inspired by the positive change makers. Companies revolutionizing business, popular movements and young people challenging old truths. Where we can, we aim to support and promote those changemakers.

We want to contribute to the municipalities where we are active to create long-term commitment and development there, and be a positive force for the future of young people. We believe that sports and culture create a meaningful everyday life and give people energy for development on a larger scale.

Supporting youth clubs throughout Finland

We support recreational activities by providing financial support to children’s and youth hobby clubs, teams, and associations. These can be located anywhere in Finland and the activities can be of any kind, from sport to the arts. Any employee can apply for a grant for a club, team, individual athlete or association which they have a close connection.

IFK Luleå

IFK Luleå is the city’s oldest and largest sports club. Here, local children and teenagers can develop together and individually. The club’s focus is not only football-related, they also help young become fully rounded people and future members of society – with good values, camaraderie and joy.

Lule Stasteater

Large productions, big name actors and theater tours can be nice. But there are times when culture means so much more. Lule Stasteater is a theater group that aims to produce up-to-date, sincere and quality theater for children and young people.

Cooperation with Norrhälsan UF

NYAB has chosen to support the JA company Norrhälsan UF to encourage entrepreneurship and good health. Norrhälsan UF has created a health book through personal interviews and meetings with sports profiles in Norrbotten. It contains a variety of training techniques, inspirational content and meal recipes that promote a healthy lifestyle. The book features Charlotte Kalla, Jonas Eriksson, Petter Petterson and Lotta Ökvist, among others.

All the organizations we support

  • Kangasniemen Kalske
  • Nibacos Kokkola
  • Salibandyseura Konnat
  • Kouvolan Jalkapallo
  • Oulun Kärpät
  • Rauman Lukko
  • Suomen lapsellista
  • Voimistelu- ja Urheiluseura
  • Nurmon Jymy
  • IFK Luleå
  • Kalix Skidklubb (Skid SM)
  • Kalix Bandy
  • Kalix Hockey
  • Luleå Hockeyförening
  • Gällivaregalan
  • Luleå Brottarklubb
  • Trafikkalendern
  • Alviks Idrottsklubb
  • Seskarö Trails
  • Sävast Ski Team
  • Luleå Stassteater (sjukhusclownerna)
  • Kalix Kommun stadsfesten
  • Boden BK
  • Luleå Hockey
  • Aktiv skola
  • Nattvandrarna