NYAB as an investment


CEO Johan Larsson introduced the company as an investment at Inderes’ investor day on 21 November 2022 before the name change to NYAB Plc.


Why invest in NYAB?

Proven track record of exceptionally profitable growth in Swedish infrastructure markets

NYAB has a diversified and carefully selected order backlog that includes several perennial frame and maintenance agreements. The Swedish group companies have achieved profitable growth for ten years. NYAB participates in several projects in the public sector, especially in Northern Sweden and the Stockholm region. Projects include the construction of roads, sewage pipes, electric grids and railways. Public investments are balancing demand in a countercyclical manner, for example, the Swedish Government’s national plan for transport infrastructure includes record-high investments for 2022-2033. Because of strong market knowledge and competence, NYAB is well positioned to continue on a profitable growth trajectory. This has occurred in a macroeconomically challenging operating environment, further justifying our model and practices.

Strong presence in growing markets of Norrbotten region

NYAB has a strong foothold in Norrbotten region, where public and private investments that are essential for the green transition of the entire Nordics are located. It has been estimated that these investments will amount to in excess of 100 billion euros during the next 10-20 years. NYAB has a strong presence in this market and participates in several investment projects that aim for a clean future. NYAB are constructing, for example, new infrastructure and industrial facilities that are being relocated from the expanding mining sites.

Diverse expertise in the value chain of renewable energy

In its Finnish business operations, NYAB has concentrated on energy construction by executing, for example, BoP projects that include: land improvement, foundations, and power network of the wind farm in a project-specifically defined scope. NYAB also has diverse expertise in engineering and specialist services within the renewable energy value chain. Uncertainty in the energy markets and an unstable geopolitical situation have further accelerated the need of improved energy self-sufficiency, as well as investment in renewable energy and power networks. All of which leads to more demand for NYAB’s expertise and competences.

NYAB owns 40% of a joint venture that has been established with CapMan Nordic Infrastructure II fund. Skarta Energy Oy operates under the joint venture and has a fast-growing renewable energy project development portfolio. The project development concentrates on solar power that can be complemented with wind power and hydrogen solutions in selected cases. Active project development also enables significant growth of NYAB’s energy construction business with contracts ongoing regarding engineering, procurement, and construction.