Meet Ronny Toma – Work Manager at NYAB


Ronny Toma began his career as a constructor and found his way to NYAB via vocational studies. Today, he is a work manager at NYAB Mälardalen and explains how the combination of practical experience and studies prepared him for the role.


“Thanks to great colleagues and support from our site managers, nothing feels impossible.”


Hi Ronny, what does a typical day at work look like for you?

As a work manager, I am responsible for daily production, and I keep close contact with customers, site managers, and co-workers. If my colleagues are having a hard time and need extra pair of hands, I’m glad to go out and help them. I think that’s very important.

Since I started as a constructor, I have been working my way up within the profession. In my daily work, I benefit from my prior practical experiences. I know how things work on-site and what challenges we might encounter. 


You also have an education on your track record. Could you tell us more about it?

First, you should start by doing practical work on projects instead of going straight to school to become a work or site manager. We learned about leadership and supporting the site managers. Sure, they are all important parts of being a work manager, but you also spend a lot of time on-site. Therefore, I believe that you should combine education and practical experience. 


What motivates you at work? 

What motivates me the most, which also is the best part of my job, is the variation. I don’t do the same thing daily; there’s always something different. Every project has its challenges, and we always strive to find a solution together as a team, a solution that works best for the particular challenge. Thanks to great colleagues and support from our site managers, nothing feels impossible.


What qualities do you believe are important to thrive at NYAB?

If you are motivated and desire to learn new skills, you will have a great time at NYAB. Experience and knowledge already exist in the company, and all employees are more than happy to share some tips and tricks along the way. All you need to do is be responsive and interested.