NYAB to construct solar farm developed by Skarta Energy to Utajärvi

NYAB’s associated company Skarta Energy has made an investment decision regarding Finland’s largest solar farm...

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Meet Karin Engfors – Site Manager at NYAB

Karin Engfors is site manager at NYAB and has been part of the company since...

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NYAB’s Q3/2023: Improved profitability

NYAB Plc’s business review 1 July – 30 September 2023 was published today.  July-September in...

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NYAB signs a contract for an extensive power line work in Luleå

NYAB has signed a contract regarding an extensive power line work in Luleå to enable...

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Pauli Lahti

Meet Pauli Lahti – Sales Manager at NYAB

Pauli Lahti, a power network engineer with diverse experience in the energy sector, joined NYAB...

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NYAB signs a significant agreement to start constructing Aurora Line

NYAB and Svenska kraftnät have signed a significant agreement regarding the construction of Aurora Line....

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Hanna-Kaisa Vesa

Quality at every step

Smooth processes, efficient and safe working methods, adherence to schedules, flawless end results, and seamless...

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Meet Lina Lundqvist – Construction Engineer at NYAB

During her studies, Lina Lundqvist had her sights set on the mining industry. But a...

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Fingrid 100 kV sähköasema

NYAB to build a 110kV substation for Fingrid in Loimaa

NYAB has agreed with the Finland’s transmission system operator Fingrid on the construction contract for...

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Meet Göran Sandberg – Measurement Coordinator at NYAB

Göran Sandberg has extensive experience in the industry and the role of measurement technician. Today...

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Kalajoen Hiekkasärkkien liittymän alikulku

Infrastructure team working diligently in North Ostrobothnia

Finland boasts an extensive road network, the maintenance of which poses challenges due to economic...

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NYAB is preparing move to Sweden – Jan Öhman as new Chairman of the Board

NYAB is proceeding with a re-domiciliation of the company from Finland to Sweden, a de-listing...

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Elin Åhrberg

NYAB appoints Elin Åhrberg as a new member of the Executive Management Team

NYAB has appointed Elin Åhrberg as Director of HR & Environment and new member of...

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Veli-Matti Kumpula

Meet Veli-Matti Kumpula – Site Manager at NYAB

Veli-Matti Kumpula stepped into larger shoes at the turn of the year when he took...

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NYAB begins work for Talga at Europe’s first commercial battery anode refinery

NYAB begins the earthworks at Talgas’ new battery anode refinery located in Luleå Industrial Park....

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NYAB Plc’s half-yearly report 2023 – latest videos and management views

NYAB Plc’s half-yearly report was published on Friday 25th of August at 10 a.m. EET,...

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NYAB Plc’s half-yearly report and management webcast: Strong growth and development despite macroeconomic headwinds

NYAB published its half-yearly report 1 January-30 June 2023 on 25 August 2023. The complete...

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Jenni Autio toimii NYABin työmaalla työnjohtajana

Traveling fuels interest in work

Many Monday mornings find Jenni Autio, the site manager at NYAB Finland Ltd., beginning her...

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Meet Fredrik Fällback – Site Manager at NYAB

Fredrik Fällback has been involved since the start of NYAB Mälardalen, and today, he is...

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Meet Victor Tanndal – Work Manager at NYAB

Victor Tanndal is a work manager at NYAB Mälardalen. He gets motivated by the opportunity...

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NYAB signs a framework agreement with Stockholm Vatten & Avfall

NYAB has signed a framework agreement on excavation and piping works with Stockholm Vatten &...

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Meet Ronny Toma – Work Manager at NYAB

Ronny Toma began his career as a constructor and found his way to NYAB via...

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NYAB implements expansion projects of Utanen and Isokangas 110kV substations in Northern Ostrobothnia

NYAB has agreed with Finland’s transmission system operator Fingrid on the expansion projects of the...

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Antti Keskinen, Liiketoimintayksikön johtaja, Sähköverkkorakentaminen | NYAB

Green transition speeds up NYAB’s electricity transmission network operations

The future of our planet requires a transition from fossil energy sources to sustainable energy...

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Anton Sandgren – Site Manager at NYAB

Anton Sandgren is one of our site managers at NYAB Infrastructure. He has long experience...

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NYAB signs two new contracts with Svenska kraftnät

In December 2022, NYAB and Svenska kraftnät signed an agreement to prepare for the construction...

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Ensuring safety through cooperation

Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering, Minna Vartiainen came across the company...

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NYAB wins SEK 66 million contract at Arlanda for Swedavia

NYAB – a fast-growing infrastructure player with Sweden as its largest market, has entered into...

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NYAB wins two contracts in Kiruna municipality – infrastructure projects for Infranord

With the new agreement, NYAB will carry out the earthworks on the railway projects in...

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NYAB as the company of the month

Pörssisäätiö / Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion introduces NYAB as the company of the month...

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