NYAB is awarded a bridge contract in Stockholm


NYAB has been awarded the contract “Execution of Rörbrobyte on no. 2-988-1 (100-1041-1)” by the Swedish Transport Administration.

The pipe bridge to be replaced goes under the E4 just north of Arlanda. The project is carried out under the auspices of NYAB Mälardalen together with the Special business area.

The staffing of the project is combined by Norrbotten residents and Stockholmers. The contract is coordinated with the pipe bridge in Järna that NYAB is carrying out for the Swedish Transport Administration, where full production is in progress.

Planning and preparatory work will be started immediately after signing the contract, while the actual pipe bridge change will be during weeks 26-31.

– It is an intensive project in a high-traffic environment where a lot will happen in a short time during the holiday period. We feel secure with the project after having made a solid plan already in the tender phase for how we will approach the project. The project fits in well with NYAB and we are pleased to have gained the trust in this type of project with time pressure and advanced logistics that we are very good at, says Johan Skoog, CEO and business area manager for NYAB Mälardalen.