NYAB is awarded an energy project in Umeå


Umeå Energi is a well-established municipally owned energy company that was founded in 1887. It is a social actor that, in close collaboration with the outside world, develops and delivers sustainable energy and communication solutions. NYAB has now been awarded the project “Österteg, Luft and shaft and laying cable, 170 kV + 12 kV”. The contract value exceeds SEK 30 million.

The contract form is the execution contract. The work relates to cable laying and termination in stations where Umeå Energi will build new 170 kV cable connections, erect new cable poles and lay 12 kV cable connections. Work will now begin in March. Completion and handover of the facility after final inspection will take place in the summer of 2023.

“A good step in our continued development. Umeå Energi is in a phase where they will dimension the local electricity grid for a doubled capacity. We are humbled by the trust we have received and will deliver a good project and a good contract together with Umeå Energi “, says Mikael Ritola, business area manager NYAB.

Infrastructure plays a significant role in the functioning of society. Sweden is changing to a fossil-free and sustainable society at the same time as our cities and companies continue to grow. Then more transports and industries need to be powered by electricity as an alternative to fossil fuels. The energy transition and a large-scale electrification are absolutely central for us to succeed with the Riksdag and the government’s climate goals, and this in turn must be made possible by the electricity grid.

“The energy transition that is now underway will for many years to come offer a growing market for energy builders. We are seen to a large extent as infrastructure builders, and then mainly in roads, water and railways. We also have good growth in energy infrastructure. Not least through the nationwide contract for regional network cables 16 kV – 145 kV that we signed with Vattenfall this summer. Our ambition is to play a significant role in the energy transition as an entrepreneur, ”says Magnus Granljung, Chief Operating Officer at NYAB.