NYAB is awarded three projects in the Ore Fields


Last week, NYAB won three procurements for the execution of projects in the Ore Fields. 

On behalf of LKAB, Gunillaskolan in Malmberget will be demolished. On behalf of Gällivare municipality, Gojan 14 will be strengthened. On behalf of Kirunabostäder, the Samiska Teatern’s roof, windows and facade will be replaced.

LKAB is an international high-tech mineral group and a world-leading producer of refined iron ore products for steel production, but also a significant supplier of mineral products to other industrial industries. LKAB operates mines in Kiruna, Malmberget and Svappavaara. To continue mining iron ore, LKAB must move large parts of Malmberget. The social transformation is expected to continue until 2032, and affects just over 3,000 people. In total, an estimated 2,000 homes and 250,000 square meters of living and living space will be moved or replaced.

As part of the social transformation, a new multi-activity house is being built in Gällivare. For this reason, the adjacent property Gojan 14 must be strengthened to cope with future snow loads and any landslides. In addition, some disassembly must be performed. The demolition of Gunillaskolan is also part of the social transformation.

– To a large extent, much of the foundation was laid for the NYAB Group in the ore fields. During the start-up years 2013-2017, LKAB was our single largest customer, both inside the gates where we carried out industrial projects, but also out in the community. Even more so if we count all the projects that were procured by municipalities and government agencies as part of the social transformation. It is gratifying to see the pace of the ongoing social transformation and the partial results. In particular, the development of society and the developments as well as the densifications that have taken place and are taking place in Kiruna, Gällivare, Koskullskulle and Repisvaara, says Stefan Säthergren, production manager at Nyab.