NYAB moves cultural buildings on behalf of LKAB


Contracts have been signed between the parties regarding the project “Move cultural buildings Nuolajärvi”.

The assignment includes the relocation of six apartment buildings, six villas, six smaller storage buildings and a larger storage building. The buildings are preserved by moving from Malmberget to a newly built residential area by Lake Nuolajärvi in Gällivare. The exception is one of the stores that gets its new address on Talgoxegränd in Gällivare.

LKAB is an international high-tech mineral group and a world-leading producer of refined iron ore products for steel production, but also a significant supplier of mineral products to other industrial industries. LKAB operates mines in Kiruna, Malmberget and Svappavaara. To continue mining iron ore, LKAB must move large parts of Malmberget. The social transformation is expected to continue until 2032, and affects just over 3,000 people. In total, an estimated 2,000 homes and 250,000 square meters of living and living space will be moved or replaced.

The contract form is a turnkey contract. The work is now scheduled to begin in March and the contract will be handed over to LKAB no later than 2023-08-30. The work includes the foundation of buildings, construction of crawl spaces, withdrawal of infrastructure in the foundation in collaboration with network owners, relocation of buildings and restoration of land at existing sites.

The contract value remains between the parties and is never published when the procurement is not subject to LOU or LUF.

– We are very happy that LKAB gives us this trust, and we will do our utmost to exceed their expectations and carry out a good project together with them, says Stefan Säthergren, production manager at Nyab.