NYAB signs extensive agreement with Piteå municipality


NYAB Infrastructure has been entrusted with carrying out “Ongoing Land and Pavement Work” for Piteå Municipality for the next two years. With an option for a further maximum of two years (2 + 2). In the event that the execution volume amounts to SEK 150 million within the time frame of the contract, the agreement will be terminated and new procurement will be performed.

The work in the contract mainly includes ground, street and water and sewerage work. Coating work with associated sub- and preparatory work. The contract form is the execution contract. The customers in this contract are the municipal administrations Samhällsbyggnadsförvaltningen, Fastighets- och Serviceförvaltningen and Kultur-, Park- och Fritidsförvaltningen. And the municipally owned company Pireva, which owns and is responsible for about 100 km of pipe network in Piteå municipality.

The NYAB Group holds the majority of equivalent “municipal contracts” in Sweden, with varying arrangements and forms of contract. Locally along the Norrbotten coast, we are a contracting party with Kalix municipality, Luleå municipality and now Piteå municipality.

– We look forward to working together with Piteå municipality within the framework of this agreement. Our municipalities and communities need a well-functioning infrastructure, and this type of multi-year contract also gives us increased competitiveness on other types of projects in the immediate area, which we hope will benefit society. We are well acquainted with Piteå and have carried out many projects for many years here, ”says Björn Lindbäck, Business Area Manager Infrastructure at NYAB.