Turnkey contract

Lindbäcks super factory

Customer: Lindbäcks Bygg
Year: 2015-2017
Total: 70 million SEK
Location: Piteå
Contractor type: Turnkey contract in cooperation.
Project scope: Planning, development of a new area, ground reinforcement with rock 0-200, construction of roads, footpaths, paving, VA, spillage, stormwater, incoming electricity, and telecom/data, graveling, and fine planning of surfaces. The contract also included paving approx. 30,000 m2, fences, gate installations, as well as 37,000 m2 floor castings, which were carried out in close cooperation with our partner Linotol. Substructure, the superstructure, paving for plans, and roads were dimensioned for heavy traffic.

Ground and concrete works for the new Lindbäcks super factory

In 2015, NYAB was assigned to, in collaboration with Lindbäcks, do the groundwork for their new super factory at Haraholmen in Piteå. When completed, the factory became one of the world’s most modern factories for industrial wood construction. The project, which lasted for two years, included planning, development and groundwork, paving, and concrete work.

“We had a very successful collaboration with Lindbäcks. At the start of the construction, the factory’s final size was not yet determined, so we needed to be flexible in case any changes would occur, as well as solution-oriented collaboration with close communication,” says Fredrik Karkiainen, Work Manager at NYAB.

Today, the Lindbäcks factory is one of the most sustainable factories of its kind. It is powered by 35% solar cells, and the remaining electricity is supplied by green hydropower. It is heated by recycled surplus heat, and the location on Haraholmen is close to the harbor and train, which reduces transport needs.

“Sustainable construction is a natural part of the NYAB culture, and we share that value with Lindbäcks. We also have high sustainability requirements on suppliers and contractors, and therefore, it was easy to agree on the construction of the super factory in Haraholmen. We are very proud of the result,” continues Fredrik.

One of the project’s most memorable moments was the casting of the floor surfaces, which was a total of 37,000 square meters, equivalent to nearly seven football pitches. The casting was done in collaboration with NYAB’s partner Linotol.

“We have a lot of experience from casting work. But we don’t always get the opportunity to do it in this magnitude, which made the project very exciting. We would like to thank Lindbäcks for their trust “, Fredrik concludes.