LKAB’s LabSAK project

LKAB’s goal is to produce the best pellets in the world, and LKAB invests heavily in research and development. Sampling facilities and a chemical laboratory, formerly located in different parts of LKAB’s industrial area, were concentrated in common facilities near production units in order to improve the efficiency of research and development.

“The third and final phase of the project involved the transfer of an existing laboratory. The aim was to move everything under one roof,” says Jonas Gisslén, Project Manager at LKAB.

Phase three now complete

The extension of the SAK office was completed in summer 2014. A sampling and chemistry laboratory has been assembled on five floors in common facilities, near production units.

In the third and largest phase of the LabSAK project, the entire existing building was demolished, with the exception of the basement, and new facilities for sampling were built.

Roof for the protection of drawgear

In the basement of the existing building is located drawgear that supplies electricity to units in different industrial areas and to LKAB’s ore transport traffic. The sensitive drawgear cannot be exposed to moisture. LKAB decided to keep the basement and protect it from the weather.

NYAB was commissioned to build a wooden frame roof for the basement, on top of which a tin roof was installed. NYAB also built a new entrance to the basement, covered the existing and new walls with a metal sheet and insulated the roof. The alternative would have been to move the drawgear, but this would have meant not only high costs but also power cuts leading to major malfunctions.

Schedule the biggest challenge

“The goal was to deliver the project in a timely and agreed manner,” says NYAB AB’s Site Manager Tomasz Respondek.

The project was launched just before the beginning of the summer holidays, when construction in Sweden is at a standstill.

“As expected, delivery times for certain materials were delayed and the project stalled all summer. We lost time despite making purchases as soon as we received the order. In order to catch up on the schedule, we had to hurry to work in the autumn when we received all the materials. Before the final inspection, we made a self-delivery, which we do in all of our projects. Before the final inspection, we will correct any changes identified in the self-delivery process,” Tomasz describes the process.

Delivered fully on schedule

“NYAB succeeded in a project in which the construction industry usually fails,” says Jonas Gisslén, LKAB Project Manager.

“The project was completed according to the schedule and there were no comments during the final review. This demonstrates a high level of professionalism. During the project, we kept in close contact with Site Manager Tomasz and the exchange of information worked very well. It is easy to cooperate with the people at NYAB. NYAB has an agile decision-making process, in addition to which communication is both smooth and fast.

LKAB is an acronym for Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB. The company is the world’s leading producer of refined iron ore products in steel production and a growing supplier of mineral products to other industrial sectors. Sales of industrial minerals are mainly concentrated in Europe, and in the growing markets of Asia and the United States. The majority of LKAB’s supplies to the steel industry consist of iron ore pellets with an iron content of 66%. Carefully selected and tested additives in pellet production increase productivity, reduce energy demand, wear, and reduce the occurrence of dross in steel production.

The project included:

  • new construction of a wooden frame roof
  • basement sheet metal roof
  • replacing the entrance
  • sheet metals for current and new walls
  • top-ceiling insulation.