We are a young company built on decades of business experience. As we keep growing and creating, it is important to remember our history. It is special, to say the least.

1990 – The early years
The year is 1990 and the former NTG (today know as BDX) employees Åke and Tord found Nyanläggarna i Luleå AB. During the following 21 years they perform smaller demolition, land improvement and fencing projects. The business is limited and the annual revenue is between 4-18 million SEK.

2011 – New constructors in town
In late 2011, Nyanläggarna i Luleå AB is acquired by the brothers Johan Larsson and Mikael Ritola. The following summer, Johan Larsson is appointed CEO and starts developing the company with new specializations and expansion plans.

2013 – Here we go!
In spring of 2013, the growth journey begins as Nyanläggarna welcomes two new partners – Stefan Säthergren and Fredrik Karkiainen. The headquarters in Luleå requires a finance and administration department and Johan Larsson is now working full-time as CEO. The land improvement business area grows steadily.

2014 – Nyanläggarna becomes NYAB
2014 becomes an important year for the company as it is closing in on 100 million SEK in revenue. The registered name and market name are changed. NYAB Sverige is introduced, a name which will become synonymous with the company’s high ambitions. In this brand new suit, NYAB acquires the construction consortium HT-Bygg with 15 employees and the brothers Larsson-Ritola’s common land improvement company MMS (Mark Montage & Stängsel), which becomes NYAB INFRA. Ronny Nylund becomes the CEO of NYAB INFRA. Offices are opened in Kiruna and Gällivare. The brother of Stefan Säthergren, Robert, joins NYAB as a part-owner.

2015 – NYAB Infrastruktur is founded
After NYAB INFRA is introduced, the group’s revenue hits 300 million SEK in 2015. The complexity of each project increases step by step and NYAB moves into a new market segment – ballast and rock operations. In 2016, the lines between NYAB and NYAB INFRA are blurred and the two are merged. The following year, the subsidiary NYAB Infrastruktur is founded to focus on road work, municipal agreements and maintenance work for The Swedish Transport Administration. NYAB Infrastruktur is the first step to becoming a dominant force in eastern Norrbotten. Björn Lindbäck and Magnus Granljung join as co-owners. The first contract is signed after one month, a road work project worth 100 million SEK. When 2017 is over, the NYAB group’s revenue is close to 500 million SEK and NYAB Infrastruktur has opened an office in Kalix.

2018 – Opening more offices
When 2018 kicks off NYAB has offices on four places, but the goal is to open up two more. During the year, the number of employees passes one hundred. The first complex railroad project is finished and NYAB wins the first municipal contract for ground and coating work. As a finisher, offices are opened in Piteå and in the border town of Haparanda. The company is now structured and carried by qualified employees, as NYAB has been able to recruit the very best, and individual growth is at the core of the group’s growth.

2019 – Ten digits
Back in 2014, the name change to NYAB Sverige (Sweden) was supposed to be a symbol of the company’s national ambitions. Five years later, in 2019, another step in the right direction was taken when the subsidiary NYAB Mälardalen was revealed. Johan Skoog was hired as CEO when the office in Hägersten, Stockholm, opened. 2019 also became the marker for another great highlight when NYAB passed 1 billion SEK in revenue.

2020 – Year 2020
2020 marks 30 years since Nyanläggarna in Luleå was founded and what 6 years ago became NYAB Sweden. Which during an incredible growth journey developed further into today’s NYAB Group. Today, the Group’s operations are divided into four business areas; Facility, Infrastructure, Special and Mälardalen. The number of employees will certainly exceed 200 and sales are estimated at SEK 1.4 billion. During the first quarter of the year, NYAB signed its first basic maintenance contract with the Swedish Transport Administration.

2021 – Double up in Stockholm
The development continues and the individuals in the company grow, and the group grows with them. Despite the termination of our traditional construction operations, the Group is showing organic growth while maintaining a level of profitability. The core business is very strong in all geographies and in the Stockholm area we are doubling the volume.

2022 – A new chapter begins
The year begins with a fantastic order intake. Among other things, a number of multi-year contracts in various niches and segments.

Through basic maintenance agreements, we will take care of the state road network in Överkalix and Övertorneå as well as Haparanda. Before the month of March is over, we were awarded the Piteå municipality’s land and occupancy agreement. We are also opening offices in Gävle and Boden. A new chapter begins when we make an entry with the newly formed SkartaNYAB on Nasdaq First North in Helsinki through a share exchange.

The journey continues