Solar park construction

The global transition towards renewable and more sustainable energy solutions marks a turning point for businesses, municipalities, and landowners. Investing in solar power parks not only provides environmental benefits but also offers economic advantages, promotes energy self-sufficiency, and supports corporate social responsibility goals. As the popularity of renewable and more sustainable energy solutions grows, solar parks become symbols of impactful and responsible investments.

NYAB is an expert in the construction of solar power parks, combining decades of expertise in building electrical networks as part of the overall delivery of solar parks. Leveraging NYAB’s extensive knowledge and utilizing advanced technologies, the company covers land development, power plant construction, grid connections, and efficient logistics in large solar park projects.

In collaboration with a comprehensive network of partners, NYAB provides a turnkey implementation of solar parks, covering everything from planning and permitting to execution. Additionally, we offer operation and maintenance services throughout the entire life cycle of the solar power plant.

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