Green transition speeds up NYAB’s electricity transmission network operations


The future of our planet requires a transition from fossil energy sources to sustainable energy production, such as solar and wind power. The transition is further complicated by the constantly increasing global energy consumption. There is no time to waste, which is also reflected in the EU’s and Finland’s carbon neutrality goals. The green transition requires significant investments in both the production of renewable energy and its transmission capacity. The monetary amount of green investments planned in Finland is growing rapidly and, according to the Confederation of Finnish Industries’ estimate, is currently up to EUR 85 billion.

Success through cooperation

The electricity transmission network operations were launched under the leadership of Antti Keskinen in March 2022 with the establishment of a unit in Seinäjoki. NYAB has previous experience in energy construction, so expanding the services to electricity transmission networks was natural. “NYAB already had strong expertise in the foundation and earthworks of wind farms, as well as wind farm internal networks. Now we also offer our customers substation and transmission line construction services, thanks to which solar and wind farms can be connected to the nationwide electricity grid. Also, customers can now acquire solar and wind farm projects in their entirety from us on a one-stop basis,” says Antti Keskinen, Head of Electricity Transmission Network Operations.

NYAB’s electricity transmission network operations are based on close cooperation both within the company and with a wide network of partners. “We got started quickly, have managed to hire new professionals to the team and acquired interesting projects. The starting point of our operations is shared goals with both our customers and our partners. We strive to help and support all parties so that we can succeed together and be proud of our projects. We believe that successful cooperation bears fruit,” says Keskinen.

The transmission line and substation projects implemented by NYAB take an average of one to two years and cover everything from design to commissioning. Such projects are already underway at the Lumivaara, Karahka and Mikonkeidas wind farms as well as at the Kausala substation. NYAB is also involved in the construction of the Aurora Line, a 400 kV transmission line between Sweden and Finland. The contract with Svenska kraftnät concerns the first phase of the Aurora Line’s transmission connection between Dockasberg and Risudden, which includes design work. The unit’s successful start is also reflected in its entry into the Finnish transmission system operator Fingrid’s supplier register as well as its successful implementation of 110 kV substation and transmission line projects.

Significant market potential

The energy transition is massive: renewable energy production, energy storage, new technologies, the electrification of transport and investments in ageing electricity grids will keep the entire market active in the coming decades. NYAB’s Finnish electricity transmission network operations unit is still mainly focused on Finland, but is naturally involved in group-wide projects. “Fingrid’s investments alone are estimated to be around EUR 3 billion over the next decade. In addition, our customer potential is also made up of other electricity transmission network companies, wind and solar farm developers, and industrial and production companies,” says Keskinen.

The growing industry also attracts new operators, so the competition for projects and experts is fierce. “Our goal is to be a well-known and sought-after electricity transmission network project operator in Finland in the eyes of both customers and employees. Our goals are qualitative because we believe that profitable growth is achieved through good customer and personnel satisfaction,” Keskinen sums up.