Near Energy at the center of the development of Skarta’s energy business


Skarta has already two different concepts in its energy business activities: Balance of Plant (BoP) wind power construction that is already familiar to customers and partners, as well as the Near Energy concept that has recently been applied for registration. Both concepts are based on the construction of clean energy, in accordance with Skarta’s strategic directions. Near Energy provides a new option for energy production.

“As defined in Skarta’s strategic main directions that were published in September, Skarta is expanding its activities towards overall projects in wind power, solar energy, and hydrogen solutions. The construction of clean energy is at Skarta’s core, and in practice this means more and more overall BoP projects and, as a new concept that takes into account the whole value chain of energy, the construction of Near Energy. Near Energy is also about intelligent distribution of electricity and electric grids”, says Kari Tuominen, CEO of Skarta Energy Ltd.

Skarta’s Near Energy is literally energy that is created nearby. In the Near Energy concept, the source or sources of clean energy are built, simply and smoothly, to the own plot of a company or, for example, business village of a municipality, and it is tailored from solar and wind energy according to their measurements and specific needs. Therefore, Near Energy works in a microenvironment, direct proximity of its limited users.

“Near Energy works in a microenvironment, direct proximity of its limited users. Therefore, the concept differs, both by nature and business model, from big traditional wind farms that produce energy to large areas and several business life and residential groups. Beside Near Energy, we strongly continue our larger-scale activities in our mutual BoP projects together with our customers and partners”, Tuominen describes the plan going forward.

Effective option to reach carbon neutrality

Responding national and EU-level carbon neutrality targets, as well as producing affordable energy that increase the competitiveness of clients – companies and municipalities – are the driving forces of Near Energy.

”Our near energy enables locally-produced, renewable and clean energy for municipalities and industry. It provides our customers with a new cost-efficient option and helps them to move effectively and quickly towards a carbon-neutral operating environment”, says Vikke Saarelainen, Skarta Energy’s Executive Vice President, and adds:

“The concept is progressive and forward-looking in many ways: Near Energy also prepares municipalities and industry towards a hydrogen society. Future hydrogen is clean, emission-free, green hydrogen that is made with renewable energy. Industry and heavy transportation are its primary applications.”

Projects with Atria Oyj and the industrial village in Utajärvi give an indication of the direct and indirect advantages that Near Energy can provide for companies and municipalities. In addition to its excellent carbon handprint, nearby produced and affordable Near Energy attracts companies to a municipality, gives competitive and image advantages to the municipality and companies, as well as increases the employment in the area.