NYAB approved as a builder of transmission lines in Fingrid’s supplier register


NYAB launched its power network construction business in Finland in early 2022 and has been rapidly strengthening its capabilities. Nine months after its beginning, the power network construction business reaches another remarkable goal. NYAB was accepted into Fingrid’s supplier register as a builder of transmission lines in December 2022.

”In March, we established our own power network construction unit – in September, we broke the news that we had been accepted into Fingrid’s supplier register for 110 kV substation projects. Now we can also take part in constructing 110 kW transmission lines. This is a fantastic achievement for our whole team,” says Antti Keskinen, Director of Power Network Construction at NYAB.

Renewable electricity is being constructed at a remarkable speed. Fingrid has reported that, within the past year alone, it had more than 50 ongoing substation projects and numerous transmission line projects, which enable more than 4,500 MW of wind power connections to the main grid. In addition to wind power, interest in connecting solar power to the main grid is rapidly growing.

”Fingrid’s large investment program of €3 billion needs to be executed by a large number of competent contractors. In 2022, Fingrid has produced 500 km of new transmission lines. More than 700 km of new transmission lines are at planning stages, of which approximately 450 km begin to be constructed next year. We welcome the experienced NYAB team to Fingrid’s transmission line projects. We have also noticed and apprieciated that NYAB is taking part in building the essential Aurora Line in Sweden,” says Keijo Välimaa, Manager of Transmission Line Projects at Fingrid Oyj.

”The energy transition and related large investments will create new business opportunities for us.

Being accepted into the register means we can now take part in projects related to both substations and transmission lines. NYAB’s skills in transmission line construction are already being put to use in the Karahka wind farm project. Now we are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to construct Fingrid’s transmission line projects as well,” says Tapio Marttila, Manager of Transmission Line Construction.


Additional information

Antti Keskinen, Director of Power Network Construction, NYAB Finland Oy, +358 44 425 2194, antti.keskinen@nyabgroup.com


Photo: Fingrid Oyj