NYAB Plc’s half-yearly report 2023 – latest videos and management views


NYAB Plc’s half-yearly report was published on Friday 25th of August at 10 a.m. EET, and the management webcast was arranged in the afternoon. We would like to thank those who participated in our webcast and all the received questions. The recording of the webcast is available at https://nyabgroup.videosync.fi/results-q2-2023

Later in the afternoon, Johan Larsson, CEO of NYAB, shared his reflections on H1 and the markets in general, in a video interview with Aapeli Pursimo from Inderes, a Finnish equity analyst company.

The interview consisted of highlights of Q2, main reasons for profit warning and discussion on competitive landscape among other topics.

The interview started with a recap on Q2.  “Great outcome in Q2 despite macroeconomic headwinds we had significant growth, improved margins and very positive cash flow”, Johan Larsson, CEO of NYAB summarized.

The discussion continued to main factors behind the profit warning. “Main reason is that we have to acknowledge the volatile economic landscape”, says Johan.

See the entire video interview by following link below:

NYAB Q2’23: interview of Johan Larsson, CEO

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