Execution contract

The Haparanda train track, platforms in Kalix & Haparanda

The Haparanda train track, platforms in Kalix & Haparanda
Year: 2020
Total: 32 million SEK
Location: Kalix & Haparanda
Contractor type: Execution contract
Project scope: Shaft & filling, Platform elements, KTL foundations, Cable trays, Sewage works, Paving, VA works, BEST works, House construction (Platform houses), Electrical works, Lighting, Decoration (Rails, Gates, Park equipment), Superstructures, Paving, Felling & Clearing, Fencing work, Forging work, Platform roof, Electricity, Telecom, Signal, Contact line, Track work, ERTMS, Stormwater, Water and Sewage.

Construction during ongoing traffic on tracks, SOS planning, Safety planning, Urban environment. Construction next to and in a K-brand protected building.

Train station in Kalix, picture: Norrt├ąg

Reparation of stations for the Haparanda train track in Haparanda and Kalix

In 2020, NYAB was assigned by the Swedish Transport Administration to carry out reparation work at the train station platforms and tracks in Haparandra and Kalix. The project was important in relaunching passenger train traffic along the Haparanda train track since it had been closed for 29 years. NYAB has carried out water and sewage works, track and railway yard works, house constructions, and installed signal systems together with the company Infra Nord.

“The project, which was carried out on track and on the platform, was characterized by high complexity and several special solutions were required to meet the client’s requirements for safety, quality and the environment. We solved this through collaboration and a high level of innovation and flexibility,” says Krister Asplund, Site Manager at NYAB.

Since the construction took place during ongoing traffic, considerations had to be made to ensure workplace safety, including dialogue and planning with traffic management.

In Kalix, a completely new platform was built, as well as a new stairwell and lift. In Haparanda, where the platform building is K-marked (protected status), a refurbishment was done to keep the classic look of the platform and to comply with new regulations and signaling systems.

“The platform is a landmark for Haparanda. In order to maintain its historical value, we held discussions with the Norrbottens Museum, the County Board and Haparandra municipality. It was very important to ensure that the appearance does not change,” continues Krister.

The lowering of the track was carried out in Kalix, where there was a curve and a bridge nearby. Since the station is a hub for the Swedish and Finnish train traffic, NYAB also installed two different gauges – one according to Swedish standards and one according to Finnish.

“The project hade several challenges that we solved together within the group, and in the end it gave us good lessons to take into future projects,” concludes Krister.

Platform in Haparanda, picture: Trafikverket