Execution contract

E10 Highway in Kiruna

E10 Highway in Kiruna (phase 1 and 2)
Year: 2017-2021
Total: approx. 400 million SEK
Location: Kiruna
Form of contract: Execution contract with construction responsibility for bridges

Construction of the new E10 Highway in Kiruna

In 2017, NYAB was assigned by the Swedish Transport Administration to begin construction work on the new national highway E10 in Kiruna. The project was part of the ongoing urban transformation, as the former road was within the mine’s risk zone. The project was divided into three contracts, where NYAB executed the two most extensive road phases, including bridge construction. Björn Lindbäck was the Project Manager and was responsible for the project.

“The project went very well from start to finish. Since the affected area had a lot of stakeholders, we had recurring meetings with the Swedish Transport Administration, LKAB, the airport, Sami villages and Kiruna’s urban transformation group. That collaboration laid the foundation for this project’s success”, says Björn Lindbäck, Business Area Manager, NYAB Infrastructure.

After completing Phase 1, NYAB also got the opportunity to continue the project in Phase 2. During Phase 1, much work was carried out close to Kiruna’s outdoor life. This meant that, for example, blasting had to be planned and carried out with the utmost precision so as not to affect outdoor life on nearby footpaths and ski tracks. During Phase 2, several water and sewerage-related works were carried out, and a critical moment was replacing the supply line with water to Kiruna.

“It was a complex project with a lot of time-pressure, and of course, every Phase had it’s challenges. Thanks to the project group’s experience and innovational spirit, we were able to work proactively and maintain a high quality in every step of the way. I’m very pleased with the result”, says Björn.

The E10 project took place over five years and included the construction of a new 8 km highway, construction work of 13 bridges, earthworks, and pipeworks.