Pajukoski wind farm

Site: Pajukoski wind farm
Location: Ylivieska, Finland
Customer: Taaleritehdas, Reconcept GmbH
Year of completion: 2015

NYAB flagship project of wind power construction was completed early in Ylivieska.

The Pajukoski wind farm in Ylivieska is a joint project of the Finnish Taaleritehdas and the German Reconcept GmbH. The companies invested a total of approximately EUR 50 million in the farm. The total annual electricity production of the farm is 97 gigawatt-hours, which equals the annual electricity demand of some 30,000 blocks of flats.

NYAB’s tender for the construction of the wind farm infrastructure met best the requirements of TM Voima Service Oy, a project management consultant, and international investors, both in terms of price and references. The contract for the turnkey contract was signed in August 2014 and the work in Ylivieska started immediately.

Challenging infrastructure construction

The delivery of NYAB in Pajukoski includes versatile land, foundation and electricity network design and construction. The massive foundations of nine wind turbines are being implemented as underground foundations and 31.7 km of underground cable is being drawn into the area. The new road network will be 2.8 kilometers long and the old one will be upgraded by 4.9 kilometers. The substation and the main transformer are also included in the delivery from NYAB.

Electricity production starts early

The work in Ylivieska continued throughout winter 2014–2015 without interruption, and the site was completed well in advance. The power plants were erected during summer 2015 and the deployment took place in stages so that the last power plant started producing electricity for the national grid in October 2015.