Execution contract

Piteå Port & Hub – Stage 3

Customer: Piteå Hamn AB
Year: 2019-2020
Total: 65,4 million SEK
Location: Piteå
Contractor type: Execution contract

The project included shafting and filling works for new terminal surfaces and connecting road. Asphalting in several layers of terminal surface and connecting road, tiling with Hexasten for logistics surface. Shaft and laying of canalization for electricity and optical fiber. Installation of lighting for logistics area. Installation of erosion protection against the sea. Construction of mooring for jetty, delivery of jetty. Extension of pier. Construction of shell protection around the facility in the vicinity of railway tracks with ongoing traffic.

  • Excavation work approx. 42,000 m3
  • Rock and moraine filling works approx. 281,000 m3
  • Asphalt surface approx. 70,000 m2
  • Coating of Hexasten approx. 8,300 m2
  • Erosion protection approx. 5,000 m3
  • Channelization for electricity and optical fiber approx. 7,500 m
  • Assembly of lighting masts 10 pcs