Poikkimaantie bridge across Oulujoki river meets the needs of the growing city of Oulu and the port

Site: Poikkimaantie bridge
Location: Oulu 
Client: City of Oulu
Year of completion: 2016 (finishing work in 2017)  

NYAB is involved in the development of the largest neighbourhood to be built in Northern Finland in the next few decades, Hiukkavaara in Oulu. NYAB has built the 260-metre Poikkimaantie bridge across the main river in Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu, the Oulujoki river, that is an essential part of the well-functioning infrastructure and harbour area of the growing city. Construction of the bridge began in 2015 and it was opened to traffic six months ahead of schedule in November 2016.

Hiukkavaara in southern Oulu is the largest neighbourhood in Northern Finland that will expand over the next few decades. Apartments for approximately 20,000 residents will be built around the old barracks area and the detached house area, and the Hiukkavaara centre will serve approximately 40,000 people living in the surrounding area when completed. Poikkimaantie bridge built by NYAB meets the development needs of the Hiukkavaara residential area and offers the fastest route from Hiukkavaara to the centre of Oulu. The two-lane and concrete-built ­­­­bridge is an important route for city dwellers to go to work and to run errands. Already more than 10,000 vehicles travel along it every day, as well as light traffic, for which a separate lane is restricted by a railing. In future, traffic volumes are expected to increase markedly.

“For NYAB, the 12-million-euro project was an indication of our strong expertise. In the same project, we made street arrangements and six other bridges, mainly underpasses for pedestrians and cyclists, over the distance of a couple of kilometers. The opening of the bridge six months ahead of schedule delighted the client, the city of Oulu, and, of course, the users of the bridge. The final works, i.e. green work outside the roadway and finishing the noise walls, were naturally carried out after the snow melted in the spring, so the project in its entirety was completed in 2017,” says Antti Nissinen, Skarta’s Site Manager.

Antti Nissinen

Head of Construction, Finland

+358 40 739 1926