Turnkey contract

Relocation of cultural buildings

Location: Gällivare
Customer: LKAB
Project scope: moving 6 apartment buildings, 6 villas and 7 outbuildings
Project started: 2022
Estimated end of project: 2023

In the communities of Malmberget, Gällivare and Koskullskulle, a large project is currently underway with the social transformation of the three urban areas. In total, around 2,000 homes and 250,000 square meters of living and premises will be moved or replaced. This means that approximately 3,200 people are affected and will have to move in the coming years. The social transformation is expected to last until 2032. The changes are caused by the mining under Malmberget, which in the long run will mean that two centers will become one. The common future for the municipality’s residents will therefore look completely different as most community functions will eventually be moved to Gällivare. As mining is a significant cause of the transformation, LKAB is a major player in the work both as a company and as owner.

Due to the transformation, large parts of the Malmberget community, including buildings of cultural and historical value, will be dismantled. Malmberget is also of national interest for the preservation of the cultural environment according to Chapter 3 of the Environmental Code, and therefore its buildings and environments are important.

This project meant that a number of the buildings in Malmberget are to be preserved by moving. This project includes moving 6 apartment buildings, 6 villas and 7 outbuildings. The selection of the buildings took place from the perspective of moving to preserve a broad selection that represents the different types of buildings that are within the company’s ownership

The project was a turnkey contract. The contract included the laying of foundations for buildings, the construction of crawl spaces, the withdrawal of infrastructure into the foundation in cooperation with network owners, the relocation of buildings and the restoration of land at existing sites.