Tampere outdoor swimming pool

Site: Tampere outdoor swimming pool
Location: Tampere
Customer: Tampereen kaupunki
Year of completion: 2018

After decades, the wish of Tampere residents for an outdoor swimming pool was fulfilled when an oasis was opened in the middle of the city in Kaleva, Tampere. The residents had been dreaming of an outdoor swimming pool since the 1960s.

The land swimming pool built by NYAB for the city of Tampere includes many interesting sections. For example, the diving tower was made of concrete as cast-in-place construction. The tower reaches 14 meters from the top of the pile foot. There are 600 meters of steel pile under the foot, and the topmost of the tower’s four diving levels is at 10 meters. The landmark diving tower also has cast holes in the frame, from which sunlight shines through to form patterns of light and shadow.

The steel pools of the outdoor swimming pool were ordered through a Finnish partner from Germany. The tolerances were small when the pools were installed inside concrete troughs. The construction of the outdoor swimming pool’s water treatment technology was comparable to the construction of a water treatment plant.