Wind farm in Pajuperänkangas

Site: Wind farm in Pajuperänkankaan
Location: Haapajärvi, Finland
Customer: ABO Wind
Project began: July 2022
Estimated end of project: Spring 2023
Project stage: Construction of new roads and lifting areas, reinforcement and casting of foundations, and cabling work ongoing
Work manager: Matti Helaakoski
Project manager: Jouni Hämäläinen

NYAB builds wind farm for ABO Wind in Pajuperänkangas in Haapajärvi. The contract includes wind farm roads, lifting areas, foundations, and electrical cabling work in the park area. Construction work began in July 2022 and finishing work will be completed in the spring 2023. The total value of the contract is approximately 10 MEUR.

NYAB will supply the wind power project to ABO Wind as a Balance of Plant project (BoP). In practice, this means that NYAB is responsible for constructing everything else than the wind turbines. Skarta benefits the Group’s expertise in the project in terms of special and infrastructure construction and energy projects. A total of 14 Vestas wind turbines will be built on Pajuperänkangas and the nominal capacity of the wind farm will be approximately 87 megawatts. The wind farm is estimated to start generating electricity from July 2023.

ABO Wind is a well-known international renewable energy project developer. The company has 900 employees and businesses in 16 countries. The company offers services from project development to maintenance services. The total capacity of the wind power, solar power and biogas projects developed by the company so far is over 3,700 MW, of which, more than 1,900 MW is constructed by ABO Wind.

“NYAB is a new partner for us, but we quickly reached an agreement with them. NYAB had familiar subcontractors and we also had previous experience in piling work with Niskanen Maansiirto, part of NYAB. We are embarking on a joint project with confidence”, says Arto Pyhtinen, Senior Construction Manager at ABO Wind.

NYAB has a long and extensive experience in the construction and foundation of wind turbines. NYAB has already been involved in the construction and foundation work of several hundreds of wind farms all over Finland.