Yara Siilinjärvi factories

Kohde: Yara Siilinjärvi factories
Paikkakunta: Siilijärvi
Asiakas: Yara
Projekti alkanut: 2023
Projekti valmistuu: 2024

The world-leading fertilizer company Yara manufactures fertilizers and phosphoric acid at its Siilinjärvi factories, along with the required sulfuric acid for production. In 2022, the company initiated an investment program to transform the raw material for sulfuric acid production from pyrite-based sulfur to elemental sulfur. Yara procures three buildings for the project from NYAB: a sulfur storage facility, a melting plant building, and its electrical control room. NYAB serves as a crucial contractor and implementer for this project.

The contract was signed in June 2023, and work commenced in October. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. Valued at approximately 9 million euros, this significant undertaking is a major project for NYAB in the Eastern Finland region, providing employment for about 20 of its own industrial construction experts and a host of subcontractors.

NYAB started construction on already completed foundations. “The project is very interesting because the total floor area of the buildings is about 4,000 m², and the sulfur storage facility, for example, with its concrete and wood frame, reaches a height of 25 meters. A track runs through the middle of the sulfur storage facility, adding complexity to the installation of components. Managing multiple phases simultaneously on the construction site requires precise project management skills,” describes Jari Häkkinen, NYAB’s industrial construction project manager.

Yara’s investment in the Siilinjärvi factories secures their future. “Thanks to the change, our production process simplifies, production reliability improves, and energy recovery becomes more efficient,” says Yara’s project manager Jarmo Grundsten.