Skarta and Tohmajärvi municipality to begin cooperation – Eastern Finland’s largest energy project under planning


Clean energy solution provider Skarta Energy Oy and Tohmajärvi municipality are planning solar and wind farms for Tohmajärvi. For this purpose, the company and the municipality have signed a letter of intent to map out the possibilities of renewable energy construction in the Tohmajärvi area. The mapping investigates the construction of several solar and wind parks as well as the areas suitable for their construction. The combined total power of the parks would be 60 MW and, if realised, the project would be the largest energy project inEastern Finland.


“The energy produced by solar and wind power is completely renewable, and together these forms of energy support each other perfectly. The planned project also utilises Skarta’s Near Energy® solutions which increase the availability of competitively priced, clean energy in the area. The solution also enables the Tohmajärvi area to quickly transition to the use of hydrogen when the need becomes relevant,” says Vikke Saarelainen, Executive Vice President of Skarta Energy Oy.


“In Tohmajärvi, we have already implemented ambitious carbon neutrality measures, and the cooperation with Skarta is a continuation of this. We expect that the energy project will attract industrial operators to the area, strengthen the area’s energy self-sufficiency and promote Tohmajärvi’s transition to carbon neutrality. Once implemented, the project will also provide employment in the area,” says Mikko Löppönen, Municipal Manager of Tohmajärvi.



Vitality to Eastern Finland


Eastern Finland has suffered from challenges related to the construction of wind power. Border control radars limit the planning of wind power in the area. At the same time, development is being slowed down by the existing electricity transmission network, which currently does not allow for the full utilisation of the area’s solar and wind power potential.


According to a recent study by LUT University, the electricity produced in Eastern and Southeastern Finland would enable the significant growth of the area’s industry.


Skarta is aware that Eastern Finland needs customised, local energy solutions.


“We have a solution for Eastern Finland. With the energy produced by Near Energy and other renewable energy projects, we can bring its own energy to all of Eastern Finland. This evens out the regional differences between the east and west. The transition to carbon neutrality takes place locally, one area and one city at a time,” Saarelainen sums up.


The mapping of the areas has started in Tohmajärvi. Funding has been applied for for the first phase of the project from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland. A positive decision would enable the rapid implementation of the first phase even within the next two years.


“We are proud to sign this letter of intent. It enables us to contribute building a cleaner future and society and further strengthen our renewable energy project development portfolio,” sums up Kari Tuominen, Managing Director, Skarta Energy Oy.


For further information, please contact:


Vikke Saarelainen
Executive Vice President, Skarta Energy Oy
+358 40 754 4429


Kari Tuominen
Managing Director, Skarta Energy Oy
tel. +358 40 507 1181


Mikko Löppönen
Municipal Manager, Tohmajärvi municipality
+358 40 105 4001