Skarta is building a wind farm in Kalajoki at full power


The construction of the Juurakko wind farm is progressing according to plan. Skarta started the project in April and now, in September, the earthworks and reinforcing of the plant foundations and the installation of the wind farm’s electric cables are underway.

VSB Uusiutuva Energia Suomi Oy is building the Juurakko wind farm in Vasankari, Kalajoki. The main contractor for the project is Skarta (read the press release here) which has already participated in the construction of over a hundred wind plants and has decades of experience in demanding special construction projects.

“Skarta was selected as the main constructor through a normal competitive tendering process. We are already fairly familiar with one another, therefore, the strong trust we at VSB have in Skarta’s competence is built on previous experiences,” says Seppo Tallgren, CEO of VSB Uusiutuva Energia Suomi Oy, and continues:

“Our goal was to find a party that can through one channel provide us with all parts of the construction project, from road network and foundation construction to power transmission. Skarta has in this project once again proven to be a reliable partner; they manage the whole package efficiently, and everything has gone according to plan.”

The project is important for VSB, as the Juurako wind farm is the first for them in Finland.

Like all new wind farm projects, Juurakko will be implemented on full market terms, ie without state support. According to Tallgren, Juurakko is also a good example of the fact that an investment decision does not necessarily require a long power purchase agreement made in advance. Funding for the project has come entirely from their own company.

“This is an interesting overall project. In the wind farm, Skarta will implement about ten kilometres of road network, lifting areas for the erection of the wind plants, foundations for the wind plants, and cabling,” says Peter Heikkinen, foreman in charge at Skarta.

Skarta’s project, including construction, will be mostly completed by the end of November. The casting work related to the foundations will be completed during the autumn.

“Every wind plant requires a lot of space around it – the foundations are several metres away from each other and each of the seven foundations is 25.5 metres in diameter. The foundation forms a tower onto which the wind plant will be secured. The concrete tower becomes narrower towards the top and the tower’s top is eight metres in diameter,” Heikkinen describes.

With the help of enormous cranes, the plants will rise to their height of 148 metres next spring. The turbines will be installed next summer, after which Skarta will join the cables, and in autumn 2022 the wind farm will be ready to produce energy.


13 September 2021