SkartaNYAB Plc changes its name to NYAB Plc and sets strategic objectives for 2022-2024


Skarta and NYAB joined forces at the end of March to speed up the building of a clean future. Today more than 70 percent of Group revenue is generated in Sweden, where NYAB has achieved exceptionally profitable organic growth, as well as built a strong corporate culture and a respected brand. SkartaNYAB wants to strengthen a shared culture between Finland and Sweden and to simplify its brand portfolio by taking the NYAB name in use also in both Swedish and Finnish construction business. At the same time, name of the parent company is changed to NYAB Plc. The name change is intended to be decided by the Extraordinary General Meeting on 22 November 2022.

NYAB Plc Group continues as a builder of a clean future, whose vision is to be a pioneer in clean energy solutions and a respected building partner for a carbon-neutral society in the Nordic countries. It is enabling green transition in the Nordics by providing engineering, construction, and maintenance services to public and private sector clients regarding the construction of renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.

The company sharpens its strategy and sets the following strategic objectives for 2022-2024:

  1. Continuing profitable growth
  2. Accelerating the monetization of renewable energy projects
  3. Strengthening an entrepreneurial culture

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