SkartaNYAB renamed to NYAB


SkartaNYAB has today published its new brand identity and completed its legal renaming to NYAB.  

Skarta and NYAB joined forces at the end of March to speed up the building of a clean future. Today more than 70 percent of Group revenue is generated in Sweden, where NYAB has achieved exceptionally profitable organic growth, as well as built a strong corporate culture and a respected brand.  

“NYAB is known as a high-quality, reliable, and cooperative brand in Sweden. We wanted to strengthen a shared culture and to simplify our brand portfolio by taking the NYAB name in use both in Finland and in Sweden. Our common name means a new beginning, even though we operate on a very solid foundation. NYAB is enabling the green transition in the Nordics. We wanted our new identity to reflect better our ambitions towards society, customers and investors but still to stay true to our culture and people”, says Minna Koistinen, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer of NYAB.  

Names of the subsidiary companies are changed simultaneously. Skarta Finland Oy is renamed to NYAB Finland Oy and Skarta AB to NYAB Kiruna AB. 

Company has today published its new website on 

Further information:
Minna Koistinen, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, NYAB Plc , Tel. +358 50 429 4180,