Traveling fuels interest in work


Many Monday mornings find Jenni Autio, the site manager at NYAB Finland Ltd., beginning her commute from her home in Oulu while it’s still dark outside. Her destination could be any construction site across Finland, as her role takes her to various locations.

Currently, her destination is the Mikonkeidas wind farm in Kristiinankaupunki, a journey spanning over 400 kilometers. Her homecoming is scheduled for Fridays. Jenni regards this traveling aspect as a positive element of her position, stating, “Getting to know new places and people is interesting. The work sites also differ from each other, so you’re always learning something new.”

Drawn in by the construction sector

Jenni originally graduated as an avionics technician, but airplanes had to take a back seat as summer jobs in Kalajoki and traffic control jobs across Finland shifted the course of her career. The construction industry and traveling work attracted her, and NYAB became her employer based on several years of summer job experience. She signed a permanent contract in 2016. Interest in self-development also led her back to school. Jenni completed a specialized vocational qualification in Construction Site Management alongside her job, and a year ago, she took on the title of Site Manager.

In just over seven years, Jenni has gained experience from various types of construction sites, such as infrastructure projects. In those, she assists the foreman in ensuring that the team has all the prerequisites to carry out their daily tasks. For Jenni, one interesting area of responsibility is landfill construction, where she also manages scheduling and project leadership. “I ended up as a mixing plant operator somewhat by chance in my first years at NYAB, and I broke some sort of glass ceiling there, as a young woman working in construction was still a rarity at the time,” Jenni remarks.

Towards further studies

The industry interests Jenni so much that she wants to continue her studies. In the spring joint application process, she secured a spot for further studies on a 4-year engineering program at a university of applied sciences starting in the fall. Soon, when Jenni heads to the construction site on Monday mornings, she’ll also bring along study materials, as she’ll be completing the degree through part-time studies alongside her job.

Hopefully, the studies won’t consume all her free time, and her family and friends will also get to see Jenni every now and then. Oulu has been Jenni’s hometown for only a short while, but she suggests that the Oulu Market Square and especially the Bar & Café Keltainen aitta are worth a visit. On the other hand, her favorite destination is immediately found in her birthplace, Kalajoki. It’s the Kalajoki Sand Dunes.