Kraftsamla – NYAB’s way of cooperation

During 2023 NYAB formalised its way of working in collaborative projects into a concept named “Kraftsamla” – a Swedish word meaning to gather strength. The method aims to create strong team, support a culture imbued by the company’s values and give customers high-quality results. In simple words a powerful working model to make business and people grow.

In these types of collaborative projects, commonly named as partnering assignments by the industry, NYAB has identified that it’s important to put together effective teams in terms of competence and experience, and let openness and transparency prevail. Kraftsamla gather the right strengths, traits and competence for each project to have high performing teams. By that capacity is optimised, and timeplan and budget requirements are favored. It is a two-step model – first gathering strength, then channel it.

The concept is built on a systematic way to create a result driven culture where people flourish and are motivated from inside. To get the best result the method applies to first calibrate everyone’s expectations, concerns and opinions, and then together set a plan for a joint direction. The model also involves building trust towards clients.

”It’s a distinct and powerful way of working. We create a safe atmosphere where everyone can raise ideas and challenges, which moves us forward in a healthy and efficient way”, says Jacob Westerlund, business developer at NYAB and responsible for Kraftsamla.

As the management a few years ago identified that the number of partnering projects was growing in the Northern part of Sweden they realised they would need to develop the company’s tender process – to increase reference cases and quality in deliveries.

To have strong cooperation strategies is very crucial in these types of assignments compared to traditional assignments where terms, requirements and price already are set. In collaborative projects the contractor and customer work closely together throughout the project. They share risk, find solutions during the process and the pricing is set together.

Kraftsamla will benefit us in many ways going forward – better results and more projects, a developing and including working environment and stronger relationships, both internally and externally. It is a positive spiral where we constantly gather and share skills, experience and new perspectives. We will also have higher awareness for every project we start”, says Westerlund.