Kuuronkallio wind farm

Site: Kuuronkallio wind farm
Location: Kannus, Finland
Customer: WPD Finland Oy
Year of completion: 2019

In the wind farm project of WPD Finland Oy in Kuuronkallio, Kannus, NYAB built the foundations of 14 wind turbines. The production of the wind is purchased by the search engine company Google.

The foundations built by NYAB are massive. The foundations of wind turbines are over 26 meters in diameter and 14,000 cubic meters of concrete was needed to cast the foundations. The thickest part of the foundations is four meters. The massive size was affected by challenging ground conditions and groundwater buoyancy, as groundwater is practically at ground level. The heights of power plants, together with their efficiency, have also increased. Ironing and casting work also had a significant employment effect locally.

WPD Finland Oy is accustomed to trusting the expertise of NYAB who previously built the foundations of 22 wind turbines in the Tohkoja wind farm in Kalajoki. Even in the Kuuronkallio project, quality control was an essential part of the overall solution, which included both the heat management of sensor castings and the performance of strength tests.