Valkeakoski surface water treatment plant

The new surface water treatment plant in Tyrynlahti is an important water production plant for Valkeakoski since it produces almost all the drinking water in the city.

Tyrynlahti provides water to approximately 20,000 Valkeakoski residents. The surface water treatment plant also supplies domestic water to the local food industry and for the needs of the municipality of Lempäälä. Valkeakoski has a backup water supply contract with Lempäälä and Akaa. The total work of contractor Skarta Finland (former Suomen Maastorakentajat Oy) included the construction of a new water plant, a network pumping station and a raw water pumping station, the construction of regional pipelines (including excavation and hydraulic engineering work) as well as process, mechanical and building engineering (HVAC) works. The small size of the plot posed challenges to the implementation of the work, especially when the old plant was in use at the same time. At the beginning of the work, old pipe infrastructure was removed from the area, which was also a demanding work phase.

Tyrynlahti surface water treatment plant

Place: Valkeakoski
Customer: City of Valkeakoski
Year of completion: 2019